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Tech Support -Fun story of upside down

Tech Support -Fun story of upside down

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Shrikrishna Kulkarni
·Jul 2, 2021·

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In 2010 I worked with a call center for a tech support company. It was legit, and we had customers all over the globe. We helped people resolve issues with their computers. We used to deal with stuff like virus infections, Wifi or Printers not working, General system troubleshooting. Doing night shifts, working with customers from the USA and Canada. Out of many customers that I worked with, I can never forget sweet bob. Here is what happened

It was 1:30 AM for us in India and afternoon in the states. Bob, A 75-year-old from North Carolina, called in tech support to report an issue, and my colleague answered the call.

Colleague: Hi, my name is _; how can I help you today?

Bob: Hi, I am bob. I am having some issues with my computer. I moved it from one room to another, and everything is upside down now. I need some help.

My colleague verified that he had a valid plan with us and started troubleshooting. At first, we thought it was maybe just the start menu that moved from its original position. We asked Bob what exactly he sees on the screen. It was difficult for him to explain. After all, he was 75 and not much tech-savvy. It's never easy to guide older people on the phone to troubleshoot. It seemed like everything on Bob's computer was upside down. As a first troubleshooting step, we helped him rotate the screen by 180 degrees using keyboard shortcuts. Bob confirmed that it resolved the issue; everything on his computer looked as he expected it.

We were relieved for a moment. Bob wanted to try a reboot and make sure it stays the same. We were on hold until he rebooted the system and damm, It was upside down again.

So we knew that something is rotating the screen while the system is starting. We used to get cases with wired virus infections and thought that there might be a virus that's causing this. We decided to remote into Bob's computer and look for viruses. Guiding him to open an URL and getting a remote session was not easy. We got connected after trying for 25 minutes.

Usually, it took us 10-15 minutes to find any viruses or adware spyware, but it was almost 1 hour. We ran multiple scans, getting into more in-depth levels to look for something causing the issue. His computer was as clean as new. We were unable to find anything that could lead us to the exact problem.

Bob was tired; we were on call for more than 90 minutes without any success. It was a bad feeling not being able to help him. He had one of our highest support plans(Around $250 per year), and still, he was very calm with us. We have seen other customers yelling and abusing us for less than that. Bob was a different and lovely person. We were trying hard to find a solution to the issue. Ninety-two minutes into the call, and we hear some chatter on the phone. It seemed like Bob was explaining the issue to someone else. Then all of a sudden, someone else was on the line. It was Sam, Bob's grandson.

Sam: Hey, How long have you been on-call troubleshooting this issue?

Colleague: It's been almost 90 minutes; we apologize for the delay. We are trying hard to figure out what is causing the issue.

Sam: Don't worry about it; you are not going to find anything wrong with it. My grandpa kept the monitor upside down when he moved it from another room.

Bob was happy after knowing what the issue was, and he thanked us for trying to resolve it.

On that call, I realized that sometimes we need simple solutions for our issues. Overthinking for a solution does not help.

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